Ubud with a little one

Our flight was Perfect, Mia was perfect and we’re here.

Mia mostly watched the inflight movies and stuck her stickers EVERYWHERE.

I didn’t take any pics of little ones items that I packed but I used her school lunchbox, which is a Bento box. All little bits of pieces that took her ages to eat. These boxes are AMAZING, they have different compartments and are customisable from www.brightstarkids.com.au

Yum Box also have leak proof adult ones:

On a friends recommendation, we had prebooked (through Facebook Messenger Nonetheless) a taxi from the Airport to Ubud, just under a 2 hour trip because of the traffic that cost around AUD $50 and I had prebooked two nights at a resort in Ubud (AUD $83) through www.booking.com

…Amongst the rice paddies and close to the Monkey Sanctuaries.

For a newbie traveller or someone like myself, travelling with a little one, I’d recommend booking at least the first few nights somewhere so you know you can get off the plane and straight to your first destination without stress. Especially if you’ve got little ones with you.

Rice paddies and peace. Ubud is beautiful y’all!! The food is amazing and bright and tourists come here for Yoga and Art retreats. Perfect.

The local stray animal population isn’t huge up here in Ubud either.

We are being really careful and have been using bottled water for EVERYTHING, purchasing items Instore is so cheap that bottle water is about 60c AUD for a big Litre bottle. I’ll discuss foreign currency in my next post.


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