Mater Chicks in Pink 10km…it’s time to actually train

Sunday March 5th Mater Chicks in Pink fun run.

No sponsorship today, just me and thousands of other women in pink shirts 😁

The day after I finished the Spartan Super, I decided I wanted to do the Spartn Beast in June (20km) so I signed myself up to this 10km run as a partway pacer.

My training:

Twice weekly 4-5km treadmill runs for 4 weeks during Jan and Feb
14km Spartan feb 11th
8km sat Feb 18th
And failed run Sun feb 26th -I.e NO run 😦
My last 10km run (Bridge to Brisbane) I really didn’t train for, I did 57mins. My time today wasn’t great but it happens. Sometimes your body just doesn’t want to participate but I think it’s time to really train.

I run for me, but I also run for my girl. I want her to grow up truly BELIEVING that girls can do anything.


My inspiration was at 9km when I saw Miss Mia set up at that point with family. Her little voice yelling “Go mummy! Go mummy!”


The last km is the easiest. The finish line is in sight and the last reserves start powering through your legs. Strides increase as the finish line looms and the crowd starts to build wanting to see people cross the finish line.

My time was terrible (according to me) but I’m still happy to have been part of this event and to show Miss Mia that anything is possible!



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