This mumma runs

Stay at home mum/working mum both have their ups and downs.

Either way, our own exercise tends to be the first thing cut from the list. Something I am hugely passionate about is mums not losing themselves in this ‘people growing’ process. I was determined not to do that and most days I think I’m doing ok with a happy, content child in tow.


I run. It’s MY meditation. My little one is too big to push in a stroller now.  It’s also very rare that I get the chance to go for a run outside or head to the gym so treadmill running is where it’s at for me.


Its prep but it’s worth it. I give her colouring in, her favourite DVD and snacks. Popcorn, cereal, biscuits, whatever works best for your little one.

I mostly do 5kms and need just under 30 mins. It’s not always Undisturbed but when my almost 4 year old starts getting restless she loves cheering mum on, all the more reason for me to up my speed and get it done quicker as the time is nigh!

How do YOU do your exercise?


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