When it rains…we bake

Ok so we bake most weekends but after a rainy Saturday and then a Sunday looking like it would be the same we went to the shops and found something suitable that Miss Mia would love to bake…Frozen Cupcakes of course!! Boxed Premix and on sale (I also bought on sale ‘Dory’ & ‘Shopkins’ boxed cupcake premixes)…when it rains, we bake!

To purchase:

  • Boxed Cupcake mix of child’s choice
  • Butter
  • Egg

So I tried to get a nice shot of the two of us holding the box for the photo op. You can see the deterioration as we try to be serious:



Taking photos is part of the fun I’m sure of it!

I have a hyperactive child who needs some entertaining, we need it to be simple, include a current buzzword (todays buzzword: Frozen) and have a definite reward at the end…CUPCAKES!

*if getting out to the store is not possible here’s a recipe I quite often use when I need to whip up cupcakes from scratch.

I’ll put a healthier version up next week.


Add the egg, milk and butter (I use coconut oil instead) as instructed on Le Box and let the said hyperactive child blend it for you (we had a change of outfit also)


The Frozen cupcakes we bought had Frozen stickers to wrap around cake pop sticks and then place in the middle of each cupcake.

After I frosted each cake I tried to quieten the perfectionist in me and let Mia put the stickers in…


she was doubly excited to take one for her teacher the next morning:


I think we did OK, rainy day entertainment for the child.


and it was a bit of cheap & tasty entertainment on a rainy Sunday Bake Day  XX



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