Peanut Butter Maple Fudge

To round out the week of Fudge that was, is this gem. I have to start by saying I’m sure these aren’t as healthy or low fat as the previous two (no, I KNOW they are not) but damn they are good.

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These Fudge recipes fall under the Raw Food umbrella (if you use ingredients that state they are raw. Raw Peanut Butter is very hard to find as most commercial Peanut Butters are made with roasted peanuts) there is no baking involved and they are frozen to complete the method. They also need to be kept in the freezer unfortunately but I think that this is a healthy payoff to the alternative of Condensed milk, sugar and butter.



1. 1 large frozen banana, peeled and pureed
2. 1/2 cup Peanut butter (if you can do Organic use that)
3. 2 TBSP  Coconut Butter
4. 1/2 TSP vanilla essence
5. Pinch of salt
5. 2-4 TBSP Maple syrup


1. Blend all ingredients except for the coconut butter (sometimes I use the blender and sometimes I’m lazy and use my puree stick.)
2. Once everything is completely blended add in your coconut butter and mix quickly before it sets.
3. Pour mixture into a baking dish and set in the freezer for 15-25 minutes.


Once frozen I like to precut and then put the fudge into a container back in the freezer. Much easier for little hands to get the fudge out when they want to.


3 thoughts on “Peanut Butter Maple Fudge

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