Maca Maca Raw Fudge

As always it’s been an incredible and crazy busy month Chasing Mia, hence my lack of posts!! HOWEVER this does not mean that I have not been baking and creating.

For other Fudge ideas: The Healthy Chocolate Fudge and Peanut Butter Maple Fudge
I have a slight backlog of posts to put up so without further adieu I present to you this super easy super amazing Maca Maca Raw Fudge.



Ohhh yeah.


1. 1 Tbsp Organic Maca powder (the 1st ‘Maca’ in the title)
2. 1 Cup Macadamia nuts (that would be the 2nd ‘Maca’)
3. 1 Tbsp Raw Honey or maple syrup
4. 1/2 Tsp Vanilla essence
5. 3 Tbsp Raw Organic Coconut oil



1. Place the Macadamia’s in a blender on their own and mix until they are a fine consistency
2. Add the rest of the ingredients in and blend some more!

N.B. I actually first made these a couple of weeks ago and didn’t get a chance to take any pics as everyone consumed all of the fudge in a day so I just HAD to remake them. The second time I blended them way past the point where I thought I had blended enough. This over blending really helped achieve the ‘Fudge’ consistency.

3. Keep blending (see note above), like a ridiculous amount of blending.
4. Spoon mixture out into your tray of choice -I found little silicone molds worked the best as they are easy to pop out- and freeze for at least 20 minutes.


Keep them stored in the fridge. Haha stored I say, good luck with that, I give them a day in your house.



2 thoughts on “Maca Maca Raw Fudge

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