Healthy Muffins from #inlovewithbrunch – Sunday Bake day

So after a gorgeous day of Brunch with the most amazing Mothers Group a girl could ask for, a visit from Husband’s mum (aka nanny), finishing the art to go on the now white hallway wall and a Kylie Jenner inspired makeup and hair job as a surprise for the gorgeous Claudia ‘s 21st birthday I was looking for quick and easy for Sunday Bake day.

If you follow me on Instagram – -you would have seen the pic I posted of a fabulous present I received from the gorgeous lady over at


So today being my Sunday Bake day I thought it was time to bake my Christmas present!


Instructions on the jars tag it was really as simple as adding eggs (ahhh I may have added 2 not 1 by accident), milk and butter (no butter in my house at the moment so coconut oil it was)


Seriously it was as easy as a Sunday Bake day gets! Add, mix, pour and bake!


Muffins with Goji berries and oats add the health right? SO YUM!! If your looking for a beautiful gift for someone special (especially if they like to cook) this is perfect!!


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