Neutrogena sunscreen trial results

It has been a couple of weeks since I started using the two sunscreen products I was sent by Neutrogena and the results are in.

But first, a little on three main skin types:

Dry skin
I naturally have dry skin. The type where I have to pump moisture into it. How do I know I have dry skin? Because sometimes after washing my face if I don’t get moisturiser or an oil onto it my skin straight away it starts to feel tight. I have noticed signs of ageing that are purely dehydration. Sometimes around the outside of my nose or near my chin the skin goes a tiny bit flakey and shiny?
Shiny? What’s that?
Also I LOVE glowy, dewy skin and my pores are next to invisible.

Oily skin
How do I know if I have oily skin? Welllll, if you have to ask then chances are you probably not oily. Oily skinned lasses tend to have slightly larger pores. WILL naturally go shiny and are on a lifelong hunt for products to keep their shine at bay. Sometimes their makeup will separate and go a bit funny looking in their Tzone. In my experience these ladies will recoil in horror at the mere thought of adding a shiny product onto their skin (gleamers,  shimmers etc). I will also say (sorry to everyone else) that if looked after, oily skin tends to age really well. It’s naturally hydrated and the oil tends to dry a little as these ladies age.

Normal/combination skin
Probably the only thing you do want to be normal in your life. If you don’t know whether you are oily or dry chances are you fit into the normal category. It’s neither end of the scale and can sometimes go a little shiny in the Tzone and sometimes go a little dry around the outside of your face. But mostly you don’t suffer too much of either.

The two products I trialled:

Ultra sheer 50+ Sunscreen

Being a 50+ this was the first one I trialled. I also gave some to Husband in the mornings to use as well.
I moisturized first, then applied this product. I loved how it didn’t make my makeup greasy.
It goes on like a water based product and sets into its matte-like state. This was beautiful and didn’t cause any separation in my foundation like some others can.
I did find however that it was actually a little too dry for my dry skin and I felt a little ‘burnt’ and dry skinned because of it after 2 weeks of daily application.  Oily skinned husband however, had no such issues. This now lives in his tool box and I don’t have to battle him to put it on – winning.

Verdict: Not for dry skinned. Use if your oily or normal/combination, it’s lovely and mattifying. Avoid if sensitive skinned.


Ultra sheer 30+ dry touch sunscreen

This one is mine all mine. I loved it. It still had the beautiful mattifying affect but not quite as strong as the 50+. I wouldn’t use it on its own for a day to the beach but for everyday wear it’s great. The same routine of moisturiser, sunscreen and foundation and I was happy. Still a little drying on its own on a dry skinned lass but for daily use but with hydration (moisturiser) underneath it was perfect. I also gave a sample to a ‘normal’ skinned friend of mine and she was happy to report it did it’s job without any negative affects!

Verdict: Dry skin, normal/combination will love this.

What’s your favourite? Let me know what you love and what you don’t love!


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