No eggs? No worries!

A little while ago I was in a baking frenzy (this would have been some Sunday bake day I’m 100% sure of it) I had whipped up the mix for a batch of vanilla cup cakes as per Husband’s request but got part way through and realised I was out of eggs.

What to do what to do.

No stopping, I was on a bakepage (baking rampage) and I whilst I did NOT want to go to the shops on a Sunday my new resolution of using what I already had made me determined to not go and buy eggs.

After googling I found a few alternatives.

1. 2TBSP of baking powder + 2TBSP of water + 1TBPS of oil to each egg.
I gave it a go. The result? Can I please just say DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME. EVER. yerch.

I should have listened to my instincts. The resulting cake tasted like I had poured a box of Bicarbonate soda into the mix. The dogs got to eat this for doggy dessert, even they didn’t consume this with their usual gusto.


Bakepaging even harder now I NEEDED to find a solution.

2. 3TBSP of mayonnaise to each egg needed. A lot of Mayonnaise but as Mayonnaise is so heavy with egg, this makes sense! I only needed to replace 1 egg this worked just fine!

The mix was still a little bit doughy and I probably wouldn’t recommend it for recipes that need a lot of eggs but for this 1 egg recipe the mayonnaise was a save.

Verdict: SUCCESS

3. Tofu – 3 Heaped spoonfuls of silken Tofu per egg needed.

Puree and add to your mix.

This one for me is a tried and tested winner. My daughters Kindy doesn’t allow eggs, even baked in foods so I have been doing this for quite awhile. The taste of tofu doesn’t come through the foods but once baked it helps to set.

Verdict: SUCCESS – Vegan friendly

4. One overripe Banana per egg needed

I tend to go a little further and add maybe 1.5 Bananas per egg needed. This is really good for a chewy or a dense recipe like Brownies, cake etc. I always make sure I add 1 tsp of Baking powder when I use this method.

Verdict: SUCCESS – Vegan friendly, Paleo friendly



5 thoughts on “No eggs? No worries!

  1. Oooh good tips. I also use apple puree (about 1/3 cup). This works really well in muffins and cakes as it helps keep them moist and doesn’t affect flavour too much. You can make cornflour eggs too (2tbsp cornflour + 1 tbsp water per egg). This is ok, I tend to use it in cookies. Also chia eggs are great. Just let them goop up a bit first before putting in the goo.

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