New year new blog title & My Top 6 Party needs of the New Year!



Happy New Year Beauties!

I have my first wedding of 2015 tomorrow so today has been all about getting those last few things done that I have been meaning to do all holidays, painting the hallway, Art for the hallway, T-Shirts for Mia, some baking and drum roll….

A NEW BLOG NAME!!!!! is now our new location. If you are already following this page (xx) nothing will change for you if you aren’t yet a follower, get on the bandwagon!

So without further adieu:

 1. Side Braid and temporary Violet tips from NAK Hair

  • Something just slightly different from your usual look, put a quick side braid in the lower side of your hair. Straighten first, sweep the unnecessary hair out of the way with a hair clip and braid.
  • if you want to, deepen your part even further before braiding!
  • NAK Hair have brought out a beautiful range of conditioners that tone your hair with intense temporary, pigment. I used the Vintage rose on the bottom 1/3 of my hair and left it in for 20 minutes. It gives a slight tint that will be gone in a few washes. LOVE!

2. Neutrogena 50+ Matte sunscreen

  • Inexpensive Anti Ageing with Anti Shine
  • Inexpensive Anti Ageing with Anti Shine
  • Inexpensive Anti Ageing with Anti Shine
  • Need I say any more?

3.Brow love! 

  • Anastasia brow palette or a soft pencil followed by Erin Bigg Brow Pen

4.  Eye shadow in Taupe

  • I used Napoleon Perdis in Leather and Lace
  • Lower lash line as well as in the socket and outer corner of the eye.

5. Gel Eyeliner 

  • I used a Chocolate brown gel liner – see here for an eye liner tutorial – on the upper lash line and inner eye line.
  • Brown does the same job as black its just not as harsh or defined a great alternative (N.B. I LOVE black eyeliner).

6. Erin Bigg Cosmetics gloss

  • Glossy, not sticky. Perfect for Summer. Muah!

7. Coffee and Cold Rock Ice cream the next day




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