L’OR ESPRESSO Coffee pods

Ohhh yah, what is something you all want to come home to?

Yep, some of L’OR ESPRESSO’s newest Coffee pods. Coffee and I are friends. Like, really REALLY good friends. My favourite favourite. We may have more than one coffee machine (we do) but my Nespresso machine gets the biggest workout. It’s ok, I can stop at any time (😂 <- this is my caffeine addiction lolling at me).

3 new flavors with a strength of 5, we usually drink the level 10 so this was super smooth. I went straight for Nutty and Husband had Vanilla. Not too over powering and not too chemically.

I do struggle with the amount of packaging coffee pods have so hopefully later down the track they all start to reduce the packaging but in the mean time I am still purchasing coffee pods and after L’OR ESPRESSO sent me these I will definitely be adding the nutty to our coffee wardrobe!!


One thought on “L’OR ESPRESSO Coffee pods

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