These are a few of my favourite things

Good morning beauties! Before I run off to this mornings job I have some time to kill so thought I’d share 3 of my favourite things.

First and foremost a great self tanning mousse. I am a spray tan girl through and through (I wouldn’t offer it in my studio if I didn’t love them) but every girl needs a great, at home tanning mousse. This tan only needs 2 hours before you wash off but I sleep in mine for extra oomph.  Use your applicator mit to apply and tan removal mit when you want to remove. More on those two later. One bottle should last you quite awhile.

Vani-T tan mousse $38.00 – Available in studio.


Almay Get Up & Grow mascara. A Priceline purchase, this beauty will coat your lashes a luxurious black and the bristles on the wand will help separate your lashes. It literally make then get up and grow (in appearance anyway).


Almay Get Up & Grow -Priceline $19.99

(Ignore the label, I always go 2 coats)



Erin Bigg Cosmetics Super Gloss -Candy

A handbag staple, this gloss has mega shine, no stickiness and a sheer light pink tint. Perfect for summer days (and nights).

Erin Bigg Cosmetics Super Gloss -Candy $28.00 Available in studio.

These three products are three of my regular go to’s.  I only stock products that I can’t live without. I don’t sell, I educate and advise. Read my posts and the purchase decision is up to you beauties.

Watch this space for a tanning tutorial. I MAY be ready to show my face on video soon xx


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