8 Beauty buys for the Mumma to be

Got a baby bump to die for? A precious cherub which has already arrived and changed your life for good? I don’t know about you, but my Facebook feed is currently full of expecting mothers and gorgeous little bubbas. I thought it high time I write a ‘must have’ list for all the gorgeous time poor mothers out there.

Baby mama’s out there will now understand how much less time you have to devote to yourself from now on.

Even if you are one of the lucky few who has that 7pm-7am sleeper you will have by now realised how much LESS time you have for your own preening.

To make matters easier for you I have compiled a list, from experience, of 8 beauty must haves for the baby mumma.

1. Dual purpose foundation

Cut your product application time with a moisturiser, sunscreen and foundation all in the one bottle. Dual purpose.

The Smitten Cosmetics Whipped foundation is one of my own personal favourites. All day buildable coverage.

And for a supermarket brand, the ModelCo Fluidspash. Applies fluidly feeling like a tinted moisteruriser with more coverage and lasted all afternoon. The concealer sitting in the lid will help minimise ‘product bulkage’.

2. Concealer

Even with your perfect sleeper (or your not so perfect sleeper) all that extra running around will no doubt take its toll.

To apply like a pro: Concentrate your concealer on the inner corners of your eye sockets and ensure you blend it down under your eye and slightly over the join of where your eye socket and nose meet each other.

The YSL concealer has an amazing reputation for highlighting for a reason!  If the price tag is a little Splurge have a look at the Savoir Faire concealer palette. I was sent this a little while ago and am still using it, I love it! Its quick, easy and transportable.

3. Eyebrows

Nothing neatens a face quicker than a quick bit of colour through the brows. Perfect for covering up those -just past grown out- brows, filling in your brows helps to pull everything together. See my previous post on ‘brow filling’ then adapt it to suit your time and budget.

I don’t want to come on too strong here, but do yourself a favour and buy THIS BROW PEN! Seriously, just even keep it for special occasions, this brow pen WILL have people asking what you are using in your brows. For the inbetween times, one of my favourite brow powders is Brett Brow (until recently this brand was known as Vanity Mark).

4. Lipgloss

Coloured or not, keep one of these in each nappy/hand bag to just swipe and go. Pictured here is a snapshot of my own personal Erin Bigg Cosmetics lipstand. I believe in the product, I use the product and I sell the product.

5. Water – keep drinking ladies!

6. Face wipes

After spending all day up to your elbows in nappies, feeding baby, washing clothes, cleaning up spew, thinking about what you could possibly make for dinner, once you ease yourself into bed for a couple of hours sleep, washing your face is the last thing you want to get up for.

Keep some face wipes handy for a quick wipe and swipe. Don’t forget to smooth on some soothing night cream before falling into a deep sleep for the next 3.5 hours.

7. Night cream! In my daughters first year I’m sure I aged about 6 years. All reversible of course!

My go to favourite is Dr. Lewinns but of course if you are pregnant please ensure you are able to use your cream. Aldi also has a beautiful range of skin care – LACURA – which is quickly gaining popularity.

8. Shellac Mani and Pedi

Shellac nails should last for up to 2 weeks and on your toes can last for up to 6 weeks! An inexpensive and relatively quick treatment these will see you waking up with perfect nails without any damage to the nail bed underneath. A beautiful addition to any mum on the go’s routine.


Final note; having a baby is one of the most enjoyable things a family can do. Everyday it gets better and better. I liken it to meeting the ‘love of my life’.

Having a baby will change your life in many ways. Your makeup routine may no longer be at the top of your priority list, but I do believe it to be important that you don’t completely lose yourself in this people growing process. Hence my Beauty Mumma posts. I am also a working mother, so if you are struggling to find time for everything don’t worry beauties, I’ve got your back xx

My favourite girl and I


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