Eyeliner tutorial… and a ridiculous amount of selfies.

Ok, due to popular demand here is a Gel Liner tutorial. First things first.

  • No double dipping into your liner pot (see below how to get the liner out of the pot)
  • ALWAYS put the lid back on. ALWAYS. other wise it will dry out.
  • Pencils will give a nice soft line that may smudge unless you are using a pencil that sets.
  • Liquid liners go on wet but will dry and set nicely. They will give a crisp line
  • Gel Liners are my favourite. When dry they are almost budge proof and best removed with an oil based makeup remover (even coconut oil).

Gel Liner brushes:


There is a choice of liner brushes. From a curved, to an angled to a skinny brush. My pick is always the skinny brush. Other Makeup artists may have a different choice-its all an individual choice. Most makeup stores sell them. My top 3 go to stores:




My Favourite Gel Eyeliner is Erin Bigg Cosmetics in Black. Its JET BLACK, creamy and doesn’t dry out in the pot.

10565706_10152309541878460_246893222_n 10543759_10152309541823460_811626335_n

Using the CLEAN end of your brush remove a small amount of liner, place it on the back of your CLEAN hand and then using the brush itself move the product around ensuring there are absolutely no lumps of liner. (Getting the CLEAN theme here?)

Before we go further, have you got one of these in your bathroom?


A tap? Yes? Use it to steady your hands. An elbow on the tap and even the base of your palm on your cheek. What ever works for you.


Being right handed I tend to start on my right eye. Gently pull the eyebrow up and out, just slightly.

10567979_10152309541713460_1098938146_n Place the flat of the brush right up on the lash line, pretty much ON the lashes. We don’t want any skin to be visible between the liner and the lash line. I like to start on the inner corner and start the line until you are about a quarter of the way along:

If you don’t eel confident to draw the line in one fluid motion without moving away from the lash line break it up. Draw the first line until a quarter of the way along (as mentioned above). Stop and refocus. Place your brush flat against the skin and continue your line on its way to the outside of your eye.

Your line should always be at its thinnest at the inner corner and at its thickest at the outer corner. I tend to draw the line first and then go back and fill in the gap at the outer corner:

1 2 3 4 5

Once you have done this. Reassess. Step back and see if there are any bumps that need evening out. Be careful though, you may end up getting thicker and thicker! If you are starting to have this issue see below for my CHEAT TIPS.

Ok to the next side. You may need to do some gymnastic trick with your hand to line the other side. But again, lean on the tap, rest you hand against your cheek. This all helps.

Repeat the previous steps:

  • Flatten the brush against the skin
  • Place the brush as close to the lash line as possible (if not ON the lash line)
  • Pull the eyebrow up and out if need be
  • Start on the inner corner and draw until about a quarter of the way along
  • Continue the line to the outer corner
  • Fill in any gaps you may have





  • Do your liner before your eye shadow. You can pat dark eye shadow over the top of the liner to help cover any ‘bumpy bits’- great disguise!


  • Do your liner first before any eye shadow, have some primer and cotton tips on hand. Line your eyes, dip the cotton tip in a VERY small amount of primer and swipe the cotton tip along the top of the eyeliner to clean up any bumps and unevenness.


Eye liner takes practise, I have been using a liquid eye liner since high school and have been working as a professional Makeup artist for 9 years. Keep at it and you will get it. Let me know how you go! Send me an email if you have any questions:




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