a Brazilian/Australian wedding

Just recently I had the good fortune of doing the makeup for a bride who was marrying a Brazilian man.  They had met whilst travelling and after a whirlwind romance were settled back in Australia and getting married. Obviously in love, these two beautiful people got married on the beach on the Gold Coast.

A huge bridal party of 7 people for Hair (thank you Ron from Byron Hair) and 7 people for Makeup (moi) we started super early at 6am. Even the grooms mother who could not speak a word of English got her hair & makeup done with the Bride to be translating to us what she wanted.

Beautiful bridesmaids and an accidental modern take on ‘Mona Lisa Smile’ with classic hair and stunningly classic skirt/top combo.


How much more appropriate could you get than an Australian bride with her Brazilian husband, on the beach at their wedding day when someone walks by with their Australian and Brazilian birds and allows you to take a photo with the birds?

 Perfect Bride, perfect day.

 And they lived happily ever after…


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