Feel like your better Winter self

Its Thursday-only one more day left and then its the weekend. When does your weekend start? Is it Friday night drinks with the workmates before heading home? Or is it a Saturday morning easy walk to the local coffee shop for your first caffeine fix of the day? Regardless of all that its been a long hard winter so far, short days, cold weather and all that and we are only partway there. How are you feeling? After reading one of my previous posts Winter Skin Be Gone! your face and décolletage should be positively glowing! How about the rest of you?

If your like a lot of Women, this winter has seen you quietly shelve your razor, leaving those leg hairs, well, long. Call into your local Pharmacy on your way home, get some wax strips and baby take the opportunity to wax those pins! How often do you get the opportunity to covertly grow your leg hairs long enough? With Spring right around the corner your legs will thank you.

How about the Winter pale-ness? Some people suit a beautiful moon tan. I unfortunately, am not one of them. so out comes the fake tanner. Be it a tanning moisturiser (quick and easy to apply fairly streak free that will build up a subtle glow) or a proper tanning mousse they all work fairly the same.



DHA (dihydroxyacetone) is the main ingredient in charge of creating your golden glow. It creates a reaction with the outer most layer of skin turning bronze. This is why if you slough away the outer dead layer of skin prior to tanning your golden glow will last longer.

A vast majority of your fake tans use a man-made synthetic DHA. Of course knowing what we know about synthetic versus natural quite often it is best to avoid the man-made stuff. The Organic (natural) fake tans use a DHA which has been pulled from natural ingredients, such as sugar beets.


So now you know how it works, how do we best apply the tan? In the words of that little Meercat: SIMPLES!

1. Exfoliate

2. Moisturise

3. Tan

4. Read the instructions of how long you should leave it on and then wash off. VOILA! Gisele Bundchen eat your heart out!

A few of my favourites:


Vani-T Tan Bronzing custard

200ML $30.95 www.vani-t.com

Self tanning moisturiser so you can build gradually.


Vani-T Tan Brazilian Bronze self tan mousse

125ML $39.95 www.vani-t.com

One of my own personal green based tans (no orange!!) is cooked at about 2 hours but I sleep in mine.


St Tropez Dark Self tanning spray

200ML $49.99 www.priceline.com.au

Delivering a super dark, gorgeous bronze over 2 hours.

 ModelCo Tanning Mousse  DARK

100 ML $19.95 www.modelcocosmetics.com

ModelCo’s new tanning mousse with an instant bronzer to give you an immediate glow whilst darkening over 6-8 hours. ModelCo is also completely animal cruelty free and a PETA certified cosmetics company


One thought on “Feel like your better Winter self

  1. I have been following your blog for a while and was hoping you would do a tann blog post soon. I have used the Model co spray in a bottle but might try the mousse? Where else can I get it besides online? Are there any cheapers ones I can get?

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