Smitten Cosmetics -Whipped Foundation WHIP IT BABY

Ok so I am going to go on a bit of a rave here. I have only just discovered Smitten Cosmetics. I was introduced to this Australian owned brand at the Pro Makeup & Beauty Show just recently. Leading the charge at Smitten Cosmetics is firecracker Caroline Stanbury, all Blonde curls and beauty smarts.

Her Whipped Foundation was introduced to a room full of beauty junkies – myself included. I picked up just 1 foundation and a bronzer to trial it on myself before stocking my kit. Should have bought more.

What does it do?

Goes on like a moussey type dream.
Doesn’t smudge.
Lasts all day.

LOVE. True love.

It acts as a sunscreen (spf 15+), foundation, moisturiser, primer and filler. It really does feel as though it smooths everything out. Sitting like a matte velvet when it sets.

NERD ALERT! A couple of key ingredients:

Zinc oxide – sunscreen (Zinc oxide is quite often an active ingredient in nappy rash creams to promote healing. If it’s good enough for baby skin it’s good enough for my face.) 
Shea Butterhydration.
Macadamia oil, Apricot oil and Rosehip Oil -anti aging and hydrating. 
Rice powder – helps to prevent blocked pores and mattify your foundation.


It is buildable and is 50% moisturiser and 50% foundation.

Please excuse me, I am off to order some more foundations online to add to my kit. See you there!


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