My sacrifice to you – selfies. But more importantly -> BROWS!

Ok so I am not a model, nor am I a photographer.  These two facts will become more apparent the further you read. But lacking these two skills or people available in my bathroom on a Tuesday morning who can fill these spots, I have made the ultimate sacrifice to you my beauties and taken these roles upon myself.

Two of my favourite acquisitions from the Pro Makeup & Beauty show last weekend were two new brow products from Erin Bigg Cosmetics.
The Brow pen (a sparkling new addition to the range-image from


and my favourite soft as creamy butter Brow pencil (image from


A 2 step process:

1.Fill in the brows with the brow felt tip pen.
2.Shade the brows with the pencil and blend with the mascara wand end.

To get an idea this is me pre contour and pre brow:


See the barely there blondie brows? NOT good enough in my world.

The pen is a beautiful felt tip pointed end pen that comes in 3 colours. My colour is the Soft Taupe.
STEP 1:You can literally fill any gaps in with this pen this is me after Step 1:


STEP 2: using the pencil softly fill in the rest of the brow. I’m using the Light Taupe – a perfect blonde colour. Not too brown, not too red it’s just right. The pencil is double ended. A pencil on one end and a mascara wand on the other to help you blend. Run this through your brows after the pencil:


Annnddd brows done. (As well as contouring but that’s another post for another day)




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