Stretchmarks! GASP!! SHOCK HORROR! Do you have them?

Most women have had to deal at some stage in their lives. Whether it’s from Teen years, pregnancy times or (dare I say it?) too much indulgence.

Well my beauties I went right out and got pregnant in 2012, just for you, so that today we could discuss the pros and cons of different stretch marks preventions and treatments. A few days into my pregnancy my equally as skin obsessed best friend handed me the Bio oil right out of her beauty bag; “Honey, you’re going to need this more than I will over the next 9 months” she said. -Sidenote I’m fairly sure that after her OWN baby girl this beautiful friend also remained stretchmark free.

I then quickly went into research mode. Apparently stretch marks are caused by the tearing of the collagen under the skins surface. A few things are said to prevent this. Are you ready for these golden eggs of wisdom?

  • Hydration, inside and out; lots of water and moisture applied to the skin.
  • Vigorous rubbing of the skin is said to bring collagen to the surface of the skin. Try it yourself on the back of one hand. Then compare the two.
  • Collagen rich foods to help increase your Collagen production. So eat purple (fruits and veggies that is).
  • Genetics. Did your mum get stretchmarks?

I applied oils and moisturisers a few times per day (speak to your physician or pharmacist before putting anything on your skin during pregnancy), eating purple and drinking plenty of water. Was I stretch marked? Before falling pregnant I had a naval piercing. The only stretchmarks I developed were a couple around that.

As soon as I had my babydoll, I continued with the oils and added StriVectin-SD moisturiser which was my face cream of choice before (not during) pregnancy.  19 months on and I am virtually stretchmark free. Maybe I got lucky or maybe all of my lotions and potions worked? Perhaps I shall have to revisit this post if a baby no. 2 comes along in the next few years.

Tell me, do you have stretchmarks? Are they from pregnancy or are you proudly wearing your tiger stripes?




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