5 beauty rules for office dressing

2014-06-06 13.10.02

The workplace can be a minefield of different personalities and stresses. 5 Beauty basics to help you steer clear of a workplace Beauty blunder!

1. Thou shalt not out dress thy top dog. New to the workplace? New to the role? Unless you have been recently crowned manger of your arena then your new job is not to set the dress standards. Look to your immediate boss for dressing cues (of course for this to work said immediate boss must be a woman). Is she a high heeler with a polished ballet bun and a slash of lipstick perfectly placed? Or is she a practical low wedge, tinted moisturizer hair neatly in a pony type of dresser who looks at you with an odd look when you mention a new BB cream you are wanting to try? Motto of the story here is don’t try and out dress the boss. It’s not good for relations.

2. Leave the smokey eye for Saturday nights. Quite simple really, unless your workplace is somewhere that operates after dark then please leave your smokeys where they belong. A neutral nude, taupe socket and swipe of black eyeliner will do. Add dramatic (mascara only) lashes and you will look polished and poised whilst leaving the disco diva behind on saturday night.de5185fa2333ab7e_lauren_conrad-xxxlarge_1


3. An oldie but a goodie, cleavage and lower butt cheeks at home.Or even leave it for your smokey eyed saturday night but NOT the office, the retail space or the work site. It doesn’t gain respect or promotions.2014-06-06 13.09.28

-Sorry Hilary I just can’t get past this cleavage flash!

4. Nails. Beautiful polished nails can say a lot about a person in the workplace (whether it be true or not!). They will send out the vibe that you can manage your time well. Even if you hurriedly put on the polish in your car before driving the train station. Chipped nails? Spend the 3 minutes that it takes to remove it all. Bare nails are better than chipped ragged ones. Even better yet if your budget allows for it, invest in a fortnightly Shellac polish. 2 weeks of perfect nails without destroying the existing nail bed underneath? Yes please!2014-06-06 13.10.32


5. Ban the stale coffee breath. I won’t even mention cigarette breath because none of you reading this smoke, right? (Wrinkles! Expensive ones!). Whether it be a mint, an apple, a mandarin or some gum just get rid of the breath! Parsley also heaps to eradicate bad breath just be sure to check your front teeth before engaging in conversation 😉



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