Sunscreen-is it your cheapest anti ageing solution?

Did you know that some studies show if you didn’t go into the sun ever you wouldn’t show any signs of ageing until you were 60? Zero, zilch, nada. Pretty scary right?
As you read this are you sitting in the sun? Did you walk in the sun from your bus stop to your workplace or are you about to go outside and hang out some washing? We all know that you do need the sun and its glorious Vitamin D but could some of us use that as an excuse for a little excess sunlight?
Lets breakdown a few sunscreen terms:
UVA for Ageing and UVB for Burning.
Solariums use mostly UVA rays with a small amount of UVB.

Broadspectrum sunscreens cut out both UVA & UVB, so it is important to look for that word on every bottle you buy.

Zinc, acts like a physical sun blocker, kind of like putting an umbrella over your skin.

Sunscreens work by creating a chemical reaction with your skin to protect you.

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor, I’m going to get a bit nerdy again and look at how that works for a minute.
Everyone has a normal amount of time before their unprotected skin starts to burn. Let’s say yours is 10 minutes.

Take the SPF rating in your sunscreen (for examples sake 30+) and times that by your 10 minutes= 300 minutes:
Minutes to burn without sunscreen x SPF number = maximum sun exposure time
Please note that this mostly applies to UVB rays and can vary greatly depending on how much sunscreen you use on your skin.

trucker face

This picture was published by the New England Journal of Medicine
It is a 69 year old American man who was a truck driver for 25 years. The left hand side of his face is sun damaged from the constant UVA rays filtering through the truck window. Hmmm, kind of makes you want to put on some Zinc now doesn’t it?

woolworths select zinc
1. Woolworths select clear Zinc $10.74 100ml
My personal favourite, this goes all over the face, neck and decollatage. It’s given time to settle in and then apply your makeup as normal.
Woolworths instore or

Neutrogena ultra sheer spray sunscreen
2. Neutrogena ultra-sheer body mist SF 30 $14.99 140g
Non greasy, can be sprayed over the top of foundation and doesn’t leave white marks.
Priceline instore or

3. Jurlique Sun lotion SPF 30 $70.00 100ml
Light weight and feels beautiful on your skin. or
Myer instore or

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