Whats in my Mary Poppins Hand(nappy)bag

I am going to fess up today and show you all whats in my handbag today.


Now, my bag is a double duty bag… Its my handbag but its also my nappy bag for when I don’t have my stroller and its magnificently large carrier with me.

You would be forgiven for thinking that I am indeed Mary Poppins! Emptying out the contents it appears I carry a lot with me.


The baby items:

  • A spare pair of pants for Babydoll
  • Baby wipes
  • An emergency nappy (I mostly use the reusables)
  • Teething gel
  • Baby headband

The obligatory loose change, bobby pins, McCafe rewards card (mmmm chai latte)

Business cards:

and not one but THREE lipglosses!

  • Napoleon Perdis NP Set Lipgloss in Mauritius, a lipstick whos brand name has rubbed off and
  • Erin Bigg Cosmetics Mousse (number 1. in the below ‘where to find it’ pic)

There was also an Erin Bigg Cosmetic’s Eyebrow pencil (number 2. in the below ‘where to find it’ pic), a white Napoleon Perdis eyeliner (you never know when you might need a white eyeliner on the go!) and some Vitamints (number 3.).

I LUURRVVEE the Vitamints. As their name would suggest, they are a vitamin in mint form. I have the ‘Immune’ one full of Vitamin C goodness. I even bought some for Husband as this seems to be the only way he will consume Vitamins!

Zinc Sunscreen (number 4.) is SO SO important for everyday use! So important in fact that I think my next blog will need to be completely devoted to it. I keep this in my bag so I can put it on the back of my hands as soon as I get in the car.

Two Nail polishes (number 5.) and a Body Shop Moisturiser (number 6.).

The Nail polishes are two that I know will cover anything (read: previously applied colour and now chipped with no time to remove) and most of the time will only need one coat to look good. Dark colours are generally best for the ‘ol chipped polish cover up manoeuvre.


Please tell me I am not the only Mary Poppins wannabe? What’s in your bag?


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