Matching Green Nailpolish

So while I’m waiting for my Bride to arrive for her wedding Makeup I sit here and ponder the universe.
Well, maybe not so much the universe and more so my current obsession with green and Tiffany Blue Nailpolish.

For obvious reasons I am drawn to the beautiful Aqua blue that has been dubbed and is recognised as ‘Tiffany Blue’ (if those reasons aren’t quite so obvious to you think luxe, jewellery, expensive etc and then please google the term Tiffany Blue) (oh and then face palm yourself please).

I finally bought some online and while I am waiting for it to arrive I bought myself a $2 bottle of flat, emerald green Nailpolish.

20130504-094720.jpg (that’s also how I have my coffee for those of you who need to know: Latte, decaf & soy-not quite coffee is it?)

I have just realised however, that I have inadvertently matched the green to the exact green of my top. Too matchy matchy? Possibly but I love it!!
Until next time… (Which really mean until my real Tiffany Blue arrives)


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