My Kitchen Rules shoot with Elle & Jake

At the start of this year I received a phone call from a good friend and long-time colleague Brooke from Luv the doo! hair salon to 421821_437816916302915_184209786_nbook me in for a shoot she was organising centered around Elle & Jake, the dynamic brother & Sister duo from the Sunshine Coast. Jake & Elle were going to be the face of hair care brand hair jam as well as featured across the front of Brooke’s salon windows.

Set up in Brooke’s spacious and funky salon we were given our briefs and once I ushered The brother and sister in out of the heat and into the air conditioned salon we all set to work. Elle had her Makeup done first, and was without a doubt one of the most beautiful people I have ever had the good fortune of to do makeup on.

She was undemanding and appreciative. Plus she raved about my makeup so what’s not to love about that? A beautiful mulberry smokey eye to bring out the deep mahogany in her hair. We gossiped about the show and her plans after it was over. Jake was just as amiable and sat through his makeup with the poise and grace of the experienced Ballet dancer that he is. At the time of writing this MKR is still on TV and these two people genuinely deserve to win, I hope they do!

After also completing Brooke’s Makeup we braved the heat for a few location shots outside  and finished up with Pizza for lunch!

295619_10151335358628460_157476679_nMy beautiful mother was babysitting my daughter and was invited by Brooke to sit in on the shoot too, which of course they both loved. They even jumped up for a photo op 🙂69603_10151335382983460_1666499009_n644297_436466076437999_2076173307_n


Some of the products I used for Elle & Jake




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