Blue cypress Hair Serum for Blondes

imageFor the past two weeks I have been trialling a new Blonde smoothing serum.

Sorry Brunettes & Reds, this one is just for the Blondies.

Marcus Daniels Blue Cypress Serum is made from -as its name would suggest- Blue Cypress.  Blue cypress trees are native to Australia and found in far north QLD. The Blue tint in this serum comes directly from the Aptly named Blue Cypress Tree.


Rub a small amount through the bottom half of your hair either when wet or an even smaller amount when it is dry to help tame the frizzies.
If your Blonde hair and your time schedule is anything like mine, your hair will already be full of dry shampoo and is lucky to get any sort of moisture treatment.
This = frizzy (and sometimes Brassy) Blonde hair.

With a hair appointment on the horizon I managed to get a toner through my hair to extend its ‘Platinumness’ and I have found two weeks after putting the toner on and using this serum every second day or so that my hair is still nice and smooth with not a hint of Brassiness. Lovely.

I would put up a photo of my tresses but I am a Makeup Artist, not a model-sorry imagefolks.

Marc Daniels has a full Blue Cypress range for Blondes, which I think after my John Frieda purple shampoo is finished I may have to make the leapt to the rest of his range, I do believe that I am a convert!

imageCheck out his facebook:

His range can be purchased online:

Or from any Chemist Warehouse or My Chemist
12ml bottle is only $3.99 and the 50ml $12.99!


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