And look what I found on my Door step this morning:


Oh yeah, Bella Box for March!

One of my favourite times of the month. I get a little email in my inbox telling me the parcel has been dispatched. The next day I get another email telling me it has arrived and voila! There it is on my doorstep. Fabulous service!




Every month has a selection of goodies. Some fullsize and some sample size.

This month we have

Ocean Essence Summer Breeze Shower Gel $4.95

Designer Brands Lip Pencil RRP $4.99

Suigo Ultimate Shampoo & Conditioner RRP $22.50 for both

Yes to Carrots C Me shine Lip Gloss RRP $ 9.95

Swisse Active Energy Bar RRP $2.39

Personally I love it when anyone sends me food, chocolate or otherwise so they have already won me over this month. I am still working through last months John Frieda Shampoo & Conditioner for Blondes but I kind of feel like jumping in the shower and washing my hair right now with this stuff.

The first thing I opened though was the Lip Gloss:


95% Organic gets me everytime but this little beauty is also Paraben and Carmine free

In a nut shell to prepare Carmine the Carminic acid is extracted by boiling dried cochineal scale insects and then treating the resulting clear solution with Alum. Carmine can also be known as Natural Red and Crimson Lake. Carmine is the bright-red Pigment taken from Carminic Acid’s Aluminium salt.

Parabens are a group of chemicals used as very effective and very inexpensive preservatives in many different cosmetics. However, recently a rather scary link has been found between Parabens and Breast Cancer Tumours. No definite links have been proven as yet but it is thought that Parabens may have the ability to mimic estrogen slightly and excessive estrogen is a known cause of Breast Cancer.

Science lesson over, this gloss is free of both of those. The colour I was sent is Flirty Pink and the product is Animal Testing free. FABULOUS.







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