Erin Bigg Cosmetics Launch

A few weeks ago a who’s who selection of the Cosmetics industry got together for the invitation only, much-anticipated launch of Erin Bigg Cosmetics.

As always, Erin presented a professional and polished performance as the curtain was unveiled on the industry’s newest marker for both professional and personal use cosmetics alike.

With a tempting lolly bar at one end of the room (did someone say Macroons?), Fellow Makeup Artist Joy Brown and myself were on hand at the other end to demonstrate the makeup on any of Erin’s guests who were interested in trying any colours or formulas. Let me tell you, we were busy all night.

From the eye-catching eyeshadow palettes to the moisture drenched Lip glosses and colour rich lipsticks it is hard to know where to start.

I myself, have fallen in love with the Mineral foundation’s, Mineral Photo Touch Concealer and the creamy glide on Brow Pencil.

The Mineral Foundations come in two formulas; Mineral Photo touch foundation and Mineral Liquid Power Foundation. One is Oil-free and one is paraben-free (great for sensitive skins).

The Mineral Photo Touch Concealer does just what it name says it should-it CONCEALS. Yes thats right it does its job! As someone who naturally has dark circles and anglo-saxon skin that cant handle too much makeup on top of it (thanks to my very much kilt wearing heritage) I have been on a lifetime hunt for a concealer that covers, lasts and doesn’t go crepey. Until now, only one other had fufilled this request and that was Masquerade Concealer. But I believe I have now found a new love. Erin Bigg Cosmetics Mineral Photo Touch Concealer.

And Lastly the brows. I have always been hesitant to use a pencil on a daily basis as I have found it pulls out hairs resulting in a thinner brow over time. Not this little gem. So soft and creamy it delivers colour minus the brow pulling. GET IT NOW, I mean right now!

As well as stockists dotted around Australia, Erin Bigg Cosmetics is available both online here:

as well as at Makeup & Glow professional cosmetics supplier:


Image by Nakita Pere


All following images taken by Danial Gowans


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