About me

I am not a Makeup Artist by choice. It is something I am obsessed by. My Husband even complains that I don’t have a hobby because my hobby is my career. I used to be the girl who did her friends makeup able fore we went out. When I lived on Campus at College I had a Huge eyeshadow palette and all of the girls would write their names on the White board that hung on my door in order of who was getting their Makeup done that night. First in first served.

8 years ago I was trained as a Makeup Artist and then I finally signed up to do a Makeup course. I started working at Napoleon as soon as I finished it and haven’t looked back. I worked at Napoleon Perdis concept stores for a few years and managed a counter of my own which proved to be invaluable training in the phenomenal variety of women (and some men) who want to be made up for a special occasion. I have undertaken training with Bare Minerals Cosmetics and flew down to Sydney to attend one of Rae Morris’ Masterclasses. now THAT was inspiring.

Going out on my own has been the best decision I could of made and I haven’t looked back. Now my weeks are filled with weddings, Bridal trials, special occasion Makeups, shoots, Fashion shows and I love it.

Follow me for up to date beauty tips, products and advice plus keep up with me and my ‘goings on’.


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